The other day I saw an article headline about the ‘wage gap’ in the US, and it caught my eye. A new study was released by a place called Payscale, and Reuters coverage of it was this article headlined U.S. women paid less in all industries, every level: report, so I clicked on it and read it. It starts out looking pretty bleak and damning, until about 3/4 of the way down I see this,

“A big reason for the gender pay gap is that men and women tend to work in different jobs. Men dominate higher paying jobs, engineering, construction mining, and women dominate jobs like teaching and social work,” Bach explained.

Say What?!? So I decide to see what else there is to this Payscale report. A quick Google search turns up this article from that purports even more dire news The Gender Pay Gap Begins As Early As Age 5. Holy Fuck, Batman! My daughter is going to start earning less before she or any of her classmates are even able to hold a job! But wait a minute…in the very first paragraph we find

Today, the pay gap is smaller – 74 cents on the dollar, or 97 cents when we control for factors like occupation, experience, and skills, per PayScale’s report, Inside the Gender Pay Gap.

Now hold on a second Kemosabe, I’m a little confused here. Men and women apparently are grossing a rather massive 26% difference each year, but when you actually start comparing apples to apples that difference is 3% (2.7% actually according to their own report)? While still a might concerning, that’s not exactly the end of civilization as we know it. Can someone explain to me why I’m supposed to be overly concerned about the ability of some people to negotiate better than others? Or why someone might want to take more time off as opposed to working more overtime? Why someone would prefer to work in one field over another? All work is valuable, but some work is valued more than other work. That’s just the way it is, and always will be.

Sometimes couples make decisions that might adversely affect the earnings of one of them, but have benefits for the family as a whole. There are things more important than money. If women end up choosing family over career more than men, why are we saying that women are punished for this? Is it because the government has stuck its nose in there once again (in the form of income tax collections and Social Security benefits)?

When I was growing up my father and grand father ran a roofing company and made well above the median income at that time. My mother and my grandmother both ended up working at the local hospital and received pretty good benefits. While the men were making more money, the women were providing the medical insurance. While the men were working overtime (it wasn’t uncommon for them to put in 12-14 hour days all week long), the women were looking after the kid (me). My mother’s position had her starting early in the morning and getting off before I got off from school. At the end of the 4th grade my mother took a different position where she wouldn’t get off until later in the afternoon and I became a latchkey kid. But by then, I could pretty much take care of myself.

Now that my wife and I have a child of our own we’ve had to adjust some things. I changed my schedule so that I could stay home all day with our daughter while my wife works. Even with the overtime I work she still grosses more than me. I get Little Britches up and ready for school each day, and on the days I don’t work I pick her up and get her to her dance class. I love spending time with my daughter and would rather take care of her myself than send her to daycare. My wife feels bad because she didn’t get spend as much time with her and bond the way we did.

This brings us into a new media conflagration. Women are still expected to be the primary caregivers to children, and are beaten up over not spending enough time with the young ones. But at the same time the media is insisting that women not be penalized in the job force for taking time off to care for the family. The media, and SJWs in particular, seem to not be able to comprehend that when you aren’t there to do your job, you’re not likely to get compensated for doing your job. If someone else is there to take up the slack and show the company that they can get the job done, why would a company not pick them for promotion over someone who hasn’t been there as much and hasn’t shown as much leadership/ability?

So if women show up for work the media makes them feel bad for not taking care of their family. If they stay home to take care of their family the media complains they aren’t making as much as their male counterparts. This sounds like a no-win situation. And the media stories that keep pushing these communist agendas where ‘everyone is equal and should be paid equally regardless of what they are doing’ is bullshit.


Of course, it’s not just about sexism, they stoke racism, classism and scientific illiteracy as well. How many times over the last few years have we seen stories about ‘white’ men shooting ‘blacks’, usually in the context of police on black violence. Only to find out later that what was initially reported wasn’t the case at all. How many times now have we seen reports about someone being raped, or how prevalent rape culture is, only to find out that there was no rape, or that their particular definition of ‘sexual assault’ included something as innocuous as two drunk kids kissing at a party? How many times have we seen headlines about the forthcoming natural disaster caused by Global Warming or the impending Ice Age (yes, I remember the national news stories from my childhood) I realize that the media is a business looking to make a profit, and therefor is trying to get more ‘clicks’ so they can charge advertisers more, but it’s gotten to the point that pretty much anything I see in a headline I generally consider to be a lie. They’ve lost my respect. The nicest thing I can say to them anymore is ‘Fuck off’.