My review of Martha Grimes’ The Five Bells and Bladebone


Antiques dealer Marshall Trueblood had finally haggled the owner of Watermeadows- a lush country estate near the village of Long Piddleton- into parting with a beautiful rosewood desk. He hadn’t bargained on the corpse stuffed inside.

4 Stars

Two wonderful murder mysteries, that unfortunately didn’t get tied together until halfway through the book. Both lines were well written and kept you guessing about who the responsible party was right up to the end. I liked all the characters except Theo Wrenn Browne. I felt quite sorry for Tommy. Hopefully he was able to escape his aunt/uncle after a couple of more years when he became of age. Plenty of Melrose to keep me happy, but could always be more. I could have stood a little more Carole Anne as well, she’s always such a bright ray of sunshine.

This one did turn somewhat dour with the descriptions of the people and places. It reminded me why I always thought Jury was so melancholy, even though in rereading these novels he’s often not very glum.

The paperback was formatted well with no obvious spelling/grammatical errors, though there were a couple of spots where the ink didn’t cover well and some of the letters were only half formed.