My review of Nancy Kress’s Beggars In Spain novella


Leisha Camden is a genetically engineered “Sleepless.”

Her ability to stay awake all the time has not only made her more productive, but the genetic modifications have also given the “Sleepless” a higher IQ and may even make them immortal.

Are they the future of humanity? Or will the small community of “sleepless” be hunted down as freaks by a world that has grown wary of its newest creation?

5 Stars

Awesome novella. No wonder it won both the Hugo and Nebula. I really liked Leisha, and I felt rather sorry for Alice. I never cared for any of the wives, and Camden himself seemed quite self-centered.

I read this years ago, but I didn’t really remember anything about it. I’m glad I reread it. The political-economic policy reminded me of stuff Heinlein wrote about.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious errors. Thanks to Phoenix Pick for the free download.