My review of Martha Grimes novel The Horse You Came In On


The murder is in America, but the call goes out to Scotland Yard superintendent Richard Jury. Accompanied by his aristocratic friend Melrose Plant and by Sergeant Wiggins, Jury arrives in Baltimore, Maryland, home of zealous Orioles fans, mouth-watering crabs, and Edgar Allan Poe. In his efforts to solve the case, Jury rubs elbows with a delicious and suspicious cast of characters, embarking on a trail that leads to a unique tavern called “The Horse You Came In On” . . .

3 Stars

Not my favorite Jury novel. I do remember reading this before when it first came out and thought it not up to par with most of the earlier novels, and this second time through confirmed that impression for me.

Plenty of Melrose. Actually, I really like the mystery part dealing with Melrose, Jury and Wiggins. But none of the new characters involved pulled me in, most were simply there and flat. The whole thing with the stories (those written by Melrose, Trueblood, Ellen, Salve and Poe) being read out by the characters were annoying at best. I liked the setting in Baltimore, and it was kind of nostalgic hearing about the quest for a new NFL team. All in all, I was rather underwhelmed by half the book and thought it was saved by the parts actually dealing with the main characters investigating the murders.

The hardcover was formatted well with only a couple of spelling/grammar errors.