My review of Colin Taber’s Young Ravens and Hidden Blades: A Short Tale From Norse America

Two Norse boys, a raft, and some unbroken rules to test.

Join Ulfarr and Brandr in the new Norse settlements west of Greenland, as they do what adventurous boys do best; push boundaries.

Welcome to the early years of Norse America!


Young Ravens and Hidden Blades is a standalone short story that reads as a boys adventure tale.

If you have already discovered Colin Taber’s alternate history setting, The United States of Vinland (USV), this short takes place in Markland (what we know as Labrador, around 1000 years ago), and is placed in that timeline midway between USV#1: The Landing and USV#2: Loki’s Rage.

Familiarity with the broader USV series and characters is not required.

This short story is approximately 30 pages long and is a standalone ebook. For paperback readers of USV, this tale will be included in the front of USV#2: Loki’s Rage as bonus material.


5 Stars

A good little tale about two boys pushing the boundaries and getting in trouble. It was paced well and the story was interesting. I can’t wait to see what the author does with this storyline in future tales.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious errors.