My review of John C. Wright’s Hugo nominated short fiction


The 2015 Hugo nominated short fiction of John C. Wright.

4 Stars

Overall I liked these stories quite a bit. I think they are quite worthy of Hugo nominations. The lyrical prose of some of these might be off-putting to some people, but I like the style. Also, being challenged with new words, or rather old words that aren’t used much these days, isn’t a bad thing. Charlotte MacLeod was probably the best at working those words into a story, but John C. Wright is quite good as well.

One Bright Star To Guide Them – is well written high fantasy. Somewhat reminiscent of CS Lewis. I enjoyed the story with the small exception that it felt like I jumped into the middle of something, that there was stuff I missed because I should have read another story beforehand. Very enjoyable tale, though. 4 stars

Parliament of Beasts and Birds – more fantasy with a very overt religious bent. Also well written, though I’m usually not a fan of stories that have no resolution, only questions. Very allegorical and could make a decent Twilight Zone episode. 4 stars

John C. Wright’s Patented One-lesson Session in the Mechanics of Fiction – Awesome. The advice given along with the examples is spot on. And the little story example of Old Men Shall Dream Dreams is something I would read the heck out of, that was funny and intriguing. I’m very much interested in reading the rest of the essays presented in Transhuman and Subhuman. 5 stars

The Plural of Helen of Troy – I was disappointed with this one. Hardboiled detective style was done very well, I didn’t mind the time traveling nor the characters. My problem was that it was told backwards (start at end, finish at beginning). I didn’t really care for the ending (prologue?) letter either. 3 stars

Pale Realms of Shade – another noir-ish story this time about a psychic detective (very unlike Psych the TV show) and redemption of the soul. Most of it I liked. The one part with The Fixer was a little more graphic than I would have liked, but then the devil is a vulgar individual. 4 Stars

The eBook was formatted well with only a couple of minor spelling mistakes. Thanks to Castalia House for the free download of the packet.