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June 2015


My review of Covenant: A Creepy Sci-Fi Story

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3.5 Stars

I didn’t find it all that creepy, but it was pretty well written. It gave a little glimpse into a near future world, but not much of one. And to be honest, the protagonist wasn’t a very sympathetic character. Mostly what I liked about the story was the mild inner struggle of the character. The gender bending was just a mild trick that was really only there so that the protagonist could identify with his former victims. I’m not a big fan of first person narrative, but this moved along well enough that I did enjoy the story.

Obamacare’s “Wage Growth” Hoax

There is a reason I will never, ever vote for another Democrat.

Exposing Obamacare

Families across the country are facing escalating out-of-pocket health care costs and, as a result, less disposable income, thanks to Obamacare’s Cadillac Tax. A major funding mechanism for the law, the 40% excise tax forces employers to cut back on health benefits, leaving workers increasingly subject to higher deductibles and copayments.

(Note: See here, here, and here for more details on the Cadillac Tax.)

The drive-by media originally maintained the Cadillac Tax was merely a justified penalty on unusually expensive gold-plated plans — such as those owned by Goldman-Sachs executives — that theoretically encourage over-utilization of medical care. 

However, we now know that the tax was designed to eventually target every employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) plan. We’re talking about 158 million Americans.

Since employers have already begun reducing the generosity of their plans to prepare for the tax’s 2018 implementation, even the drive-by media has had to pay…

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