My review of the Hugo nominated short story Totaled by Kary English

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Neuroscientist Margaret Hauri has two children to raise, and she’s on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough.

There’s just one problem.

She’s dead.

5 Stars

Great story. The best of the Hugo nominations left standing that I’ve read so far. I was a little hesitant at first. The first couple of paragraphs didn’t jump out at me. And one of my greatest fears is being in a conscious but vegetative state, so the initial impression for me apprehension. I’m not much of a horror story reader and that’s sort of where I was thinking this was going. But it’s a very well written story.

I identified with Maggie and had an emotional response by the end. The characters weren’t deep, but they usually aren’t in a short story. I have no idea about the actual science behind it, having never taken a formal biology class. But the concept itself seems cool and makes for an entertaining story.

The wattpad website screen was formatted well with no obvious errors. The story originally appeared in Galaxy’s Edge magazine.