My review of The Mark of Zorro (originally published as The Curse of Capistrano) by Johnston McCulley


Old California suffers beneath the whip-lash of oppression…But a champion of freedom rides the highways. A deadly marksman and a demon swordsman, his flashing blade leaves behind The Mark of Zorro.

4 Stars

An excellent adventure tale. I didn’t realize how similar some of the themes were to the Robin Hood and The Scarlet Pimpernel stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Most of my exposure to Zorro was through TV and Movies before this. I was a little surprised how little a role Bernard actually had. I was also surprised that Don Alejandro was putting pressure on Don Diego since he was considered a successful man in his own right. Sgt. Gonzales was a bit of an enigma to me – should I be rooting for him or not? Capt. Ramon I thoroughly disliked.

The ebook from black mask online was horribly formatted. It was a bad OCR that no one apparently decided to proof read. I actually ended up reading almost all of the book in Sigil as I cleaned up the bad OCR.