It would appear the idiocy at Tor Books knows no bounds. As the Nielsen Hayden’s have been railing against the Sad Puppies these last few months (links to original posting in Brad’s blog post) I’ve been willing to give the poor authors and other employees at Tor a break. They really shouldn’t be saddled with the consequences of the actions of a few vocal members of the business.

I was still willing to buy books from Tor, just not ones edited by Patrick or Teresa Nielsen Hayden. I was still willing to buy books from DAW even though Betsy Wollheim could use some extra money to buy a clue. However, I’ve reached the end of my rope. Let me introduce you to Irene Gallo, Creative Director at Tor Books (that means she has considerable sway over who and what gets published there) . Tor_FB_Gallo It’s come to the point where if the leaders of business are willing to crap not only all over the fans they hope to sell to, but also their own authors, with vile and demonstrably false lies and aren’t taken to task for it by their bosses then it’s clear that the business in question holds sympathies with those thoughts. As such, I’ve bought my last book from Tor. I’m done with DAW as well.

No More of My Money For You! You’ve made it clear over the last few months you don’t want my money or loyalty, so I won’t give it to you anymore. I’ll buy books with a rocket ship on the cover or Indy, or anywhere else but from you. I’ve got ~1600 eBooks on my computer, and another 400 Dead Tree Books. My little library probably won’t hurt you, but maybe if enough little guys like me all pull together something can be done.

To the authors who have contracts with these publishers: I wish you well in your future endeavors. Some of you have given me considerable enjoyment over the last several decades. But, I’m not buying any more of your works associated with these publishers. Morgan Llywelyn, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Spider Robinson, John C. Wright, Harry Turtledove, Greg Bear, Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind and so many others and their estates, you need to take back control of your works. Until you do, I won’t buy those books associated with DAW or Tor and their imprints. I’m sorry if my non-purchases hurt you, but your publishers have lost my business until they take corrective action.

It’s going to take more than an apology. Heads are gonna have to roll. If any of us fans would disparage our coworkers/employees publicly like that we would be sacked by the end of the day. I’m all for gently taking someone aside and having a ‘teaching moment’, but that time has passed. These people won’t change until it hits them hard in some way that means something to them. The only thing I can really do as a fan is withhold my money. As an author with a contract, perhaps you can push back within the house in some way to affect change. I’m not going to hold my breath, though. I think the only way Penguin and Macmillan will take notice is if it starts hitting them financially.

Interested and motivated parties may also want to send some emails, though I’m not sure at this point that it would mean much to the powers in charge.

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