My review of The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley


Who is the mysterious Joe Buckley, and why does he meet so many unfortunate ends in various Baen books?

Joe Buckley is simultaneously a real person and an unlucky figment of numerous Baen authors’ imaginations. He’s been drowned, shot, stabbed, turned into a werewolf, eaten by a shark, and put through a snow blower and had his atomized remains spewed into the air, just to name a few. He’s been spindled, folded, mutilated, blown up, and autopsied.

Now for the first time we have compiled the many instances of Buckley meeting a bad end, with introductions by the dastardly authors–and one artist–who did him in. Find out who killed him first and why, and how the tradition grew. With bonus material: “The Buckley Alphabet” by Sarah Hoyt’s Dinerzens, and a filk song, “The Twelve Days of Battle” (to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas).

All proceeds from this collection will support two charities near and dear to our hearts, both founded, supported, and run by Baen readers: Operation Baen Bulk, which sends books, ereaders, and other supplies to our men and women in uniform, and ReadAssist, which allows disabled readers free access to Baen ebooks.

4 Stars

A beautiful little collection of snippets from various Baen stories and authors all starring the glorious and magnificent gruesome death of Joe Buckley. Quite funny, and it was very informative reading the introductions by the various authors. There were a couple of snippets that could have had more context provided, but most were quite clear.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious spelling/grammar errors. Proceeds went to a couple of charities that barflies operate, so good cause justifies minor purchase.