My review of Kameron Hurley’s It’s About Ethics In Revolution


How to survive in a culture of stereotypes, racist and sexist categories and threats of dehumanizing acts.

2 Stars

I’m not sure if she meant it to be satire against SJWs, I think not. But, as satire it’s mildly amusing. If she meant it as some sort of protest against the Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies, which is what I think she was going for, she seems to have failed in her understanding of what is going on. The corporate culture with it’s approved themes and old boys network seems to be her attempt at coloring the Puppies with a racist/misogynistic brush. Taddeous Ik is apparently supposed to represent Vox Day, if I’m reading it right.

What she fails to grasp is that the Puppies are the ones fighting against the idea of approved themes and the Hugo gatekeepers (like the Nielsen Haydens and David Gerrold) are the old boys network attempting to keep control of the message.

The actual writing seems a little stilted to me. It’s like she was still in junior high trying too hard to impress her teacher with her grasp of the way the world works.