My review of Bee: The Princess of the Dwarfs


When her true love is abducted by mysterious creatures, a girl must summon the strength to save him

From the moment they met as young children, Bee and George have been bound together by a deep love. But when George goes off on a quest to a forbidden lake, home to dangerous water nymphs, it is up to Bee to rescue him. On her adventure she meets Loc, the king of the dwarfs, who proves to be more kind and generous than the humans she knows. Even as he showers her with riches in an attempt to make her stay, Bee never loses sight of her purpose: finding George. She will do anything to get him back.

A fairy tale for all ages, Bee: The Princess of the Dwarfs is a classic that has delighted children and adults alike for more than a century with its ebullient characters and wondrous worlds.

2 Stars

I had trouble getting into this book. The base story was fine, it was the way it was written that bothered me. I’ve run into this problem with other stories written around the same time period. The flow of words simply doesn’t strike me as quite right, it brings me out of the story. The sentences seem choppy at times, and the paragraphs seem to run on endlessly occasionally. It’s a short book, more like a novella or short novel, but it still took me a week to read instead of just a single day.

The story of Honey Bee and George, held in their separate worlds and educated in their discrete ways during their youth, was fine. I would have preferred it be paced better. Bee and King Loc are the only characters remotely fleshed out.

The eBook was formatted well with only one noticeable spelling mistake.