My review of Tau Ceti


tau ceti cover

The Beacon has spent generations spent reaching a home away from home…only to discover that Earth now has faster-than-light ships and a ruthless dictator wants to lay claim to their dream. Can Captain Jorie Taylor stave off almost certain disaster and save their dreams?


4 Stars

I liked it. It was well paced. I liked the characters, they were well crafted. But, at times the solutions to the problems seemed somewhat…overly simple.

Told in two parts, the first written by Kevin J. Anderson and the second Steven Savile, it was basically two short stories linked together by a common storyline and characters. It worked well. Jurudu reminded me of Stalin, while Andre Pellar reminded me of Wernher Von Braun. The characters seemed consistent from one part to the next. The one complaint I have I believe is more related to the premise behind Mike Resnick‘s vision of the series. Pairing a known writer with an unknown writer to create a single story line in two different parts. Thus you end up with a couple of novella length stories that may not get quite enough time to explore in depth the conflicts within the stories. In both stories I found the ending a little overly simplified, almost to the point of putting the Borg to sleep. Given another twenty or thirty pages for each story and I think it would have been a killer 5 star novel, as it was it was just quite good. It’s definitely worth the read.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious errors other than a few odd line breaks in the middle of words.