My review of The Grail Tree by Jonathan Gash


In the world of antiques the Holy Grail is a holy terror – for almost every month someone claims to possess the original. So when an inebriated ex-clergyman confided to Lovejoy that he did indeed possess the cup, the resourceful antiques dealer knew just what to make of such a statement.The trouble was that someone else thought this version of the Grail was worth stealing – and now the owner was dead amid considerable carnage.

4 Stars

Wonderful story. I was glad that we finally have confirmation that he did rebuild his cottage, clearly putting this novel after The Judas Pair, and so I believe these novels are actually put out in chronological order.

I very much liked the characters introduced (Henry, Martha, Honkworth, Lydia, etc.) though I think the villain could have used a little more exploring. Unlike the first couple of novels, nobody close to Lovejoy got killed so there was less of the revenge plotline. He was still quite the pugilist, taking on a couple of different people. For being such a nasty cad he sure is attractive to the ladies for some reason. Though I guess some women do like the abuse, or maybe the challenge of reforming a man like Lovejoy. In any case, he really isn’t a very nice man; bad manners, fiery temper (at least where antiques and his skin are concerned), prone to fisticuffs, and bouncing from one woman to the next. Still, as a character he is rather loveable. He’s like the Mike Hammer of the antiques community. I do rather wish the cops weren’t presented as such fools. I believe Maslow would be a very interesting character to keep around and actually beneficial to Lovejoy in many ways.

The eBook was formatted not so well. There were several spelling errors and quite a few stray punctuation marks floating around at odd times (I’m guessing a bad OCR). Still, the enjoyable story made up for the bad formatting.