When I first read this, back in the ’80’s, it was titled Gold By Gemini from Jonathan Gash


The second Lovejoy story by Jonathan Gash. Lovejoy, of Lovejoy Antiques Inc., first appeared via the Judas Pair novel, and claimed he was the only antiques dealer you can trust. Of course, Lovejoy isnt to be trusted a great deal of the time, no matter what he says. And Lovejoy is usually luckier in love than he is as an antique dealer. Even though he is a very good antique dealer – and a very knowledgeable one, somehow he always seems to be in need of money. Then some ancient British-Roman coins were stolen from the local museum. The gold coins had belonged to the roman general Suetonius and his famous Gemini Legion. The theft distracted Lovejoy from his usual problems – such as the tutoring his pupil Algernon on the subject of antiques. Algernon was a hopeless student, though agreeable. There were a lot less agreeable types around, like Dandy Jack, who had a nasty run-in with a car; there was a sinister man named Rink; and the lovely Nicole, not a really cozy type of girl. But thank goodness, there was always the usually reliable Janie. And out in the countryside, near the seal-pen, was the ultimate danger. But Lovejoy, set on solving the mystery of the legionnaires gold, is a man who can handle danger, as unlikely as it seems. If he absolutely has to. Which is just as well. Jonathan Gash has written another fine thriller, just loaded with antiques.

4 Stars

Another fun, quick read. Not quite as good as The Judas Pair but still enjoyable. There were a couple of problems that kept pulling me out of the story. One being that there was no mention of what happened to his car until 2/3 of the way through the book, and that only in passing. By far the biggest problem I had was the fact that his house was rebuilt after having been burned to the ground in the previous book. It kept pulling be out of the story every time he was at home because it was never explained. I was never sure, still not sure really, if this book took place before or after the previous one. I think it’s after.

The introduction of Janie as a major character, and also of Algernon, gave Lovejoy someone to play off of other than Tinker, who didn’t really have much a of roll in this book. I like Janie as a character and I like her interactions with Lovejoy. Once again, revenge became a driving motive halfway through the book. I was sad to see Dandy Jack go. There was plenty of information on antiques again, just never know if it’s true or if it’s just something the author created.

The eBook was formatted OK, with only a couple of minor spelling errors but lots of stray punctuation.