Women haven’t been kept out of the field, and certainly not the Hugo Awards, despite what many SJWs claim. There’s a fairly good list of female authors from decades past.

Aliens in This World

There’s an academic Bujold study coming out, which is good. But this is what it’s about, which is nonsensical:

Acclaimed science fiction scholar Edward James traces how Bujold emerged from fanzine culture to win devoted male and female readers despite working in genres–military SF, space opera–perceived as solely by and for males.

“Garsh, I’m an academical press, so very steeped in literature. And that’s why I’ve never heard of anybody named Leigh Brackett or Catherine Moore or Andre Norton, or 75% of the Star Trek novelists, or Rebecca Meluch who lived right down the pike, or Elizabeth Moon. Yup, there weren’t any other women writing space opera or military sf, and never mind that Bujold read all these books growing up, and so did her readers.”

(See, I hope this is just a really stupid blurb by the university press, and not a preview of the book as parade of…

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