My uncle Arnie got sick a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the hospital. On the 10th of March we found out he had liver cancer. His family and friends rallied round and he vowed to fight. Unfortunately it was too far advanced and he left this world to meet Jesus on the 28th. He always said he wasn’t in pain. He was surrounded by his family when he passed. He’s being buried back in his childhood hometown of Mandan, ND this coming week.

Arnie 001

Our dog Taz got sick around the same time, quit eating his food, didn’t want to take his meds, coughing a lot and breathing hard. He’s suffered from various ailments through the years. He had to have his puppy teeth surgically removed, his knees and back gave him problems, he had bladder stones (so we ended up paying extra for his dog food) and congestive heart failure. We thought we were gonna lose him a few years ago because every time he would eat he’d end up yelping and moving around like he couldn’t get comfortable. Turned out he had gall bladder problems and the food wasn’t moving through his system like it should. When I took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago they took another X-ray and it showed his congestive hearth failure had gotten worse since his checkup in January. We tried some new meds, but he wasn’t getting better, just treating the symptoms. On Thursday, April 2, we put him down. we had him for 10 years (my inlaws had him for 5 before that). I miss him so much. He was my snuggle buddy when I would sleeping during the day. He was my wife’s pal when I was at work at night, and she’s taking it harder than I am.

A wonderful little pom

So, this past week really, really sucked.

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