I was going to write a post on discrimination and how it’s become something associated with all sorts of negative feelings and stereotypes, when in reality we all exercise discrimination every day. Why someone of faith should be vilified for refusing to do business with/participate in a ceremony of someone who openly flaunts the first person’s convictions, while others embrace the depravity espoused by people who want to revel in sin seems upside down. Having the government force someone to lead another down the path to destruction simply because they have a business seems to be an over-reach of the type of government our founding fathers envisioned.


I have been watching this ‘debate’ over discrimination with great amusement.  First of all, I shouldn’t call it a debate.  In reality, it is bullying, but not by the people discriminating, but by the people who claim to be trying to stop discrimination.  Their hypocrisy is endless.  How can they not see that by forcing their views onto others — even in the supposed name of ending ‘unfairness’ — they are discriminating, themselves.  This notion that you can right a wrong with another wrong is irrational, but — sadly — it is what has come to pass for reason in our dysfunctional society.  The truth is, if we still understood the principles underlying this issue, we would understand that we all have a Natural Right to discriminate.  This right is even protected in the Constitution.  This means that the people trying to use government force to end discrimination are violating…

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