I pisses me off to no end that we’ve had ‘no smoking’ laws rammed down our throats for the last couple of decades all because someone ‘might’ get cancer while working in a bar. Before the no smoking laws were passed EVERY SINGLE NON-SMOKING BAR in the area closed within a couple of years because they couldn’t get patrons, so the argument was always that these workers never had any choice in where to work. WTF! Of course there were choices, they just didn’t pay as well.

Real Science

The filthy movie I went to see the other night was smearing climate skeptics, by trying to link them to the mentality of people who said second hand smoke doesn’t cause cancer back in the 1960’s (during the global cooling scare.)

Everyone was exposed to second hand smoke when I was kid in the US, as are most of the people in Europe today. So I looked up what researchers are currently saying about second hand smoke. The National Cancer Institute says there is no link between second hand smoke and cancer.

ScreenHunter_7931 Mar. 14 23.45ScreenHunter_7932 Mar. 14 23.50Study finds no clear link between lung cancer and second-hand smoke – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent

The Merchants of Doubt is based on a McCarthyite smear on an unrelated topic, using a 50 year old concept which scientists don’t even currently believe.


The American left are a bunch of endlessly fearful nincompoops who are obsessed with controlling everyone else…

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