I’m not paranoid. Really, I’m not. I just don’t trust the government.

Given the new Net Neutrality missive by the FCC, I’m apprehensive about the future of internet communications. Since they won’t release the details on how they plan to govern I’m less than confident the FCC’s new Net Neutrality will be simply enforcing ISPs to allow all internet traffic through at the same speeds.

Then there is the whole NSA phone data collection that has been going on for years, and doesn’t appear as if it’s going to stop anytime soon. And the fact that the NSA is handing info over to other agencies doesn’t sit well with me in terms of my data privacy.

Earlier this month I made a comment on another blog run by someone else that I wouldn’t trust the government given the track record of it’s abuses (at all levels) with regards our information. “Given Governmental abuses of records from Watergate to the recent IRS scandal about tax exempt entities and the Minnesota officers that accessed Anne Rasmussen’s Driver’s License information I don’t have a lot of faith in it’s ability to not abuse information it gets it’s hands on.” Mr. Wizard seemed to have a difficult time comprehending what I said, as his response was rather, oh shall we say, mis-informed. “Dude, really? Watergate, where the POTUS was facing impeachment and resigned? The IRS non-scandal, as when all records were reviewed, no political abuses were found, only frauds were prevented from becoming tax exempt. Then, you conflate federal government with state government, which are entirely two different things. For reference, do read our Constitution. I did at least twice per year of military service to this once great nation. Once great because ignorance is killing it.”

You see, even though the Watergate burglars got caught and Nixon ended up resigning, the abuse still happened. The whole point of the Watergate hearings was to find out what abuse occurred. Nixon was facing impeachment and resigned only because the abuse occurred.

And the IRS targeting certain groups is a ‘fact’, as the Inspector General’s report concluded. Lois Lerner even admitted to inappropriate conduct on May 10, 2013.

And since I had earlier specified all levels of government, not just Federal, I did include state/local government in the abuses of private citizen information. Specifically, the Anna Rasmusson scandal where officers from multiple agencies logged into a state DMV database to view her drivers license photo. And it’s apparently not an isolated event as this story from Florida on Donna “Jane” Watts shows.

Color me unimpressed Mr. Wizard, I don’t think you stayed very well informed of what government employees do with your information. These are just a few of the instances where government, at all levels, oversteps its bounds and abuses information in its hands. If you trust the government with your information, I think you’re probably either naive or ignorant to what’s going on.