Yes, you can be a fan without attending conventions or reading/seeing/playing the latest books/movies/games in the genre.

Otherwhere Gazette

This morning, I wrote a post for Mad Genius Club that expanded some on Pat’s “Not a Fan” post. I’ll admit that it was done in the early stages of getting enough coffee in me – a necessity to function anywhere close to normal – and while in high dander after reading File 770’s response to Pat. You see, there is little that gets my dander up quicker than someone trying to tell me I can’t do something simply because I don’t fit into their neat little pigeon holes.

Now that I’ve been up for a bit, and have had the chance to look at the comments to my post, something else has dawned on me. The very thing the gatekeepers of fandom—those folks who want to tell us we aren’t real fans because we don’t go to enough cons or read the right magazines, etc.—are the reason for the…

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