I haven’t done much blogging lately, too busy reading and working on my daughter’s playhouse in between health issues.IMG_20140930_141508 But the last couple of days have gotten my ire up with the Social Justice Warriors and their incessant bullshit.

We (as in humanity) just landed a probe on a comet in the middle of nowhere 350 Million miles away. That is an OUTSTANDING achievement and deserves to be lauded on every single science and news site in existence. And while it has gotten a bunch of publicity, lately it’s mostly been about the wardrobe choice of one of the lead scientists. Rose Eveleth got her knickers bunched up because Dr. Matt Taylor wore a brightly colored shirt with women on it. To be honest, when I first saw the video and photos of him I was more interested in what he had to say than what he was wearing. I thought it was just some flowered Hawai’ian shirt. But, here’s the thing that gets my goat about this whole thing: If what someone else wears is enough to scare you away from a professional field, you aren’t professional enough to actually be taken seriously in ANY field you work in. If that’s enough to scare your child from entering that field you have failed as a parent. Was the shirt in poor taste for appearing before a worldwide audience? Yeah, it wasn’t very professional looking. Is it something to browbeat and/or ostracize someone over? No way. I understand he later made an apology and broke down in tears. Unfortunate, because sometimes people just need to be told to ‘Fuck Off’.

Along these same lines I see that WisCon has booted one of their chairs and is setting up gender and race ‘safe areas’. It really begs the question about just how adult people are these days if they need a ‘safe area’. Can they not provide an environment where people are actually safe to interact in? I’ve never really been into cons, but if you are dressing up as a character, or speaking about a subject, in public you have to expect that there will be someone who disagrees with you. Maybe they find fault with the detail you went into. Maybe they don’t like the subject matter. But if they aren’t harassing or physically attacking you why aren’t you adult enough to accept some criticism and move on? Not everyone must like you or agree with you. Heck, David Brin and Tad Williams are brilliant SF and Fantasy writers, but we’re pretty far apart on political issues. Just because I disagree with them doesn’t mean I don’t respect them for the entertainment they provide. And if people are harassing or attacking you I do believe those are offenses which the con and quite possibly the police will be taking action on. Segregating yourself to an area so you can surround yourself with like minded people parroting each other sounds like something the SJWs are always accusing the ‘conservatives’ of doing. If your psyche is so fragile that you can only be around others of your kind, perhaps you should be spending more time with your psychologist/psychiatrist. Sometimes you just have to tell people to ‘Fuck Off’ if they are bothering you.

Put your big boy panties on folks. It’s a wide world out there, and not everyone is going to agree with you. In fact, most people will probably disagree with you. If you are secure in your convictions it shouldn’t be a problem. Time to grow up.