Larry Correia explains some of reasoning behind Sad Puppies and the controversy it’s caused in the land of SF/F. Personally, I think they tortured some interpretations in order to get Wheel of Time nominated (I’ve always been under the impression that definition was there for serialized magazine fiction rather than dictionary length novels). Because I’m a cheap ass, I won’t be reading hardly any of these nominees for a couple of years. But, congrats to all the nominees.

Monster Hunter Nation

A few days ago the finalists for the Hugo were announced. The Hugos are the big prestigious award for science fiction and fantasy. One of my books was a finalist for best novel. A bunch of other works that I recommended showed up in other categories. Because I’m an outspoken right winger, hilarity ensued.

Many of you have never heard of me before, but the internet was quick to explain to you what a horrible person I am. There have been allegations of fraud, vote buying, log rolling, and making up fake accounts. The character assassination has started as well, and my detractors posted and tweeted and told anyone who would listen about how I was a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a rape apologist, an angry white man, a religious fanatic, and how I wanted to drag homosexuals to death behind my pickup truck.

The libel and slander over…

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