Every so often I have an episode of deja vu.  Tonight I just had another sitting at my desk reading a passage from a book I last read about 20 years ago (Something In the Water by Charlotte MacLeod).  When I read this passage it struck me that I dreamed this exact event about two years ago. “Peter didn’t know what to think, he wasn’t at all sure he cared.  Dragon-slaying was not his profession.  He was just another middle-aged academic, tired from yet another year of teaching; he felt no great yearning to grab a spear and charge into somebody else’s war.”


These usually start out as extremely vivid dreams, and then some time later I experience actual event.  The first I remember is from when I was a child, about the summer between 3rd and 4th grades I think.  I dreamed that my friends and I went fishing down on the river under the railroad tracks a few blocks from our house in Minot.  Since we had never gone fishing in town before, this would have been slightly unusual.  But, the very next day, my best friend Scott and his brother Tim wanted to go fishing down on the river.


Another time in college I dreamed that I was peaking out from behind a pile of mattresses in some sort of factory or warehouse.  A few months later I found myself working in a futon factory for a couple of weeks down in Minneapolis.  About three weeks into the job I came around then end of one of the tables as I was cleaning up at the end of the day I happened to look up and was stunned to find myself looking at the exact scene I had dreamt months before.  I had never worked at this table before, so it was quite a shock to suddenly see something I had seen before in a dream, but never realized it might be the place I was currently working.


What struck me about tonight’s event is that I remember thinking at the time of the dream that dragons and spears didn’t seem to fit in with the book I was supposedly reading.  Reading that passage tonight made me look up and suddenly I recognized the entire scene.